Sunday, April 13, 2014

5 Songs Sure to Lift Your Mood

Shaun T recently posted on his FB page that fitness is only the tip of the iceberg, and I couldn't agree with that more. Through fitness I have challenged myself and surprised myself. I have learned to believe in myself, and more importantly, to love myself  (all of me -- not just the best parts) which has allowed me to love those around me with an open heart. I am confident. I am grateful. I am truly happy. Every. Single. Day. That is HUGE coming from me.

There was a time that I felt like I was stuck. I didn't feel like I had control of my life and I was unhappy and clinically depressed. I isolated myself from friends and family and spent my time wallowing in my sadness and anger. I allowed that emotion to take over my life and become my identity - my only defining characteristic. And not only did I spend all my time thinking about how miserable I was, I literally had a soundtrack to go along with it. My iPod was filled with sad and depressing songs sure to keep me in the funk I was in.

It's been a long road to recovery, but through it I have learned the importance of maintaining a positive environment. You need to surrounding yourself with uplifting people who will challenge ou and inspire you to be your best. You need to feed your body with healthy food. And yes, you even need to listen to music that puts you in the right state of mind to live the life you want.

My playlist is now filled with fun, happy, upbeat music and it's seriously IMPOSSIBLE to be in a bad mood while one of these songs is on. Here are a few picks I'm loving right now. Tell me, what song puts you in a good mood no matter what?

Be Okay - Oh Honey
On Top of The World - Imagine Dragons
Best Day of My Life - American Authors
Happy - Pharrell
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

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