Saturday, February 1, 2014

FREE 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge - Red Hot & Healthy

Here it is! The 5 Day Red Hot & Healthy Clean Eating Challenge has become the first step for reaching your long-term weight-loss goal! This program is designed to show you how far you can come in just 5 days by focusing on clean eating, exercise and implementing Shakeology into your diet (if you choose to). Trust me, THIS WORKS!

What is Clean Eating?

Very simply, clean eating is based on consuming foods in their most natural state, or as close to that as possible. It isn't a diet, but a lifestyle approach that leads to an improved life - one meal at  time!

With clean eating, you will forgo processed and refined foods such as white flour, sugar, bread and pasta in exchange for consuming lean proteins, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains to keep your body energized and burning calories efficiently all day long. You will also want to avoid anything high in saturated and trans fat, anything fried or anything high in sugar. 

What this FREE challenge includes: 
  • A specific meal plan with each meal and snack planned out for you
  • An amazing 24/7 online support group to keep each other motivated and on track!
  • Fitness and nutrition tips and advice from me and my fellow coaches.
  • The chance to WIN a brand new workout to add to your long-term plan of attack!

Official challenge rules: 

There is no charge to participate in the 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge. All that we ask is that you actively participate and adhere to the rules below:
  • Sign up to have me as your FREE Team Beachbody coach
  • Send me your starting weight by Day 1
  • Drink 1 Shakeology shake per day* (*This is optional. If you would like to try it, you can purchase the 5-day supply from me for $25)
  • Follow the meal plan that I will provide for you
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise (even walking counts!) every day
  • Post your exercise and food journal to the group each day
  • Send me your end weight after 5 days
What can you win? 

Shaun T's amazing Hip Hop Abs Extreme DVD!

How do you win? 
  • Commit to the rules and you will be entered to win! There is no purchase necessary to enter. 
  • Participants who purchase a 5-day supply os Shakeology from me will receive an additional entry to the prize drawing. 
  • Participants who order a 30-day supply of Shakeology and/or purchase a workout program from me before the challenge ends will receive two additional entries to the prize drawing... a reward for going that extra step toward reaching your goals!
How to join: 

You *MUST* contact me ASAP to reserve your spot. You can also email me at with "Red Hot & Healthy" in the subject line, or message me on Facebook at Please feel free to invite any friends you think would like to participate... the bigger the support system and accountability, the better! However, the optional Shakeology is available on a first come, first served basis. Any participants who would like to purchase Shakeology will need to purchase their order by February 4th to receive it in time. 

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